Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Serial - Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe - Chapter Eight

So with the end of chapter eight we reach the 3/4 point in our serial and we begin to get some interesting answers - sometimes to things we didn't even know were questions. For instance, we learn that despite the fact that they have quite a distinctive language (ya gotta love the backward looped dialogue) the rock men aren't actually made of rock, but are simply dressed that way to hide from the giant lizards that inhabit the "land of the dead". Oh, and we also learn why (at least according to Zarkov) the region got that name.

Of course, none of this new knowledge may really matter considering it appeared our heroes were blown to smithereens at the end of the last chapter. Perhaps we'd better get back to them and see if there's anything left.

Oh, no! Is Dale the next for the flaming pit?! Come back next week to find out!

Until next time, Happy Treasure Hunting,
-Professor Damian


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