Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday Serial - Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe - Chapters Six and Seven

Ok, kiddies, time to get caught up on the intergalactic adventures of Flash, Dale, Zarkov and the rest. When we last left them our heroes had escaped from Ming's clutches in one of his own ships. Unfortunately, they soon found themselves being fired upon by their own ally, Prince Barin:

Wow! Things are really heating up for Flash now! Literally! Plus, we see once again that there are times when it's truly dangerous to take Flash's side against a despot like Ming. Let's go ahead and see what happens next, shall we?

Well, that was definitely an explosive explosive ending! Let's hope Flash's visit to the "Land of the Dead" doesn't wind up being a permanent one!

Until next time, Happy Treasure Hunting,
-Professor Damian


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