Public Domain Resources

What follows is simply a list of resources for those interested in further checking out the Public Domain. It is right now incomplete but should give you some good placs to start. If you have any corrections or especially additions, please email me.

The Internet Archive: A wonderful depository of fims, tv shows, books, radio, music, and more.
Wikipedia's Public Domain page.
The University of Pennsylvania's Online Books Page: Besides being a great resource fr links to public domain books online, it contains, among other resources an excellent summary of copyright terms in various countries here.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation: Long on the forefront of the battle to defend free speech, privacy, and intellectual property rights in the new digital age, the eff is the go-to place for information on the legal battles that are going on.
Boing Boing: The blog-product of Cory Doctorow, Xeni Jardin and others, though it's self-description as "A Directory of Wonderful Things" is completely accurate, the Boingers are especially dedicated to alerting their readers to any new threats that may come along in the realms of copyright, the public domain, and privacy rights.
Sunstein Law: Their tag line is "Winning Intellectual Property", and among the resources on their web page is a fairly simple (as simple as it can most likely be, anyway) flowchart to determine the expiration of U.S. copyrights.
Project Gutenberg: THE resource for online public domain books with over 30,000 books available for direct download and links to more than 100,000.
Public Domain Flicks: Another site offering free downloads of p.d. movies.
OpenFlix: Another source for downloads of p.d. movies.
The Public Domain Information Project: A resource for tracking down and identifying public domain and royalty-free music.
Creative Commons: Provides resources for those who wish allow sharing, remixing, and reuse of their creations.
The Stanford University Library Copyright and Fair Use Center: A great resource for information both on copyright law and fair use including information on what is considered "fair use", how to get permissions and releases, and when you do and don't need to.
The Union for the Public Domain: Another resource for information on current issues surrounding copyright and the public domain, especially the currently-under-consideration WIPO broadcast treaty.

Unless otherwise noted, all movies discussed on this blog and all associated materials are believed to be in the Public Domain. If you are a copyright holder for any of these materials, please email me. Unless otherwise noted, all material created for this blog by Professor Damian is licensed under a Creative Commons license as described below. Creative Commons License
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