Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Serial - Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe - Chapters Ten and Eleven

Ok, sorry, Kiddies that I've had to be away for a couple of weeks, but let's get caught up with Flash, shall we?

So as chapter 10 opens, we find Flash, Barin and the others on their way (finally!) to actually confront Ming and rescue his daughter, the Princess Aura who is in love with Barin. Unfortunately, Ming has detected their presence and ordered the floodgates opened. The onrushing waters threaten not only to drown our heroes but also to sweep them into a bottomless pit. That can't be good!

So Flash has finally made it to the palace, but of course that doesn't mean his troubles are over... far from it!

Ok, so next week we wrap everything up. Flash and Dale reunited! Barin and Aura together again, fighting side by side! And the final showdown with Ming!

Don't miss it!

-Professor Damian


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